Rating the ladies from Sailor Moon

An advertisement for Sailor Moon, which includes the main ten ladies and girls of the series

That’s right!  The first anime in which I’ll select as the hottie of the lot will be the iconic anime, SAILOR MOON!!!  Let’s face it, this show was an instrumental piece of the future boom in anime’s popularity in the States and around the world.  As such, we all probably have our own idea as to whom we like the most.  Let’s be clear about something, though; I’m only focusing on the characters in this upper picture.  No villains, no other scouts, no meaningless side characters.  Okay?  Here we go!

#10 – Chibi Moon.  I would hope to any god that has ever been created that this should be obvious.  She’s a little kid, and an annoying one, at that.  Let’s move on.

#9 – Sailor Saturn.  For similar reasons, Saturn is too young to seriously consider.  In case you’re wondering, I chose her above Chibi Moon for the following reasons: her adult form (Mistress Nine) is gorgeous, she’s a tween instead of a child (which I was about ten when the show came out, so I probably would’ve liked her if I’d watched the show back then), and she has a sweet personality instead of a spoiled rotten brat-like personality.

#8 – Sailor Venus.  Hold on!  I know, a lot of people would disagree with me on this, but hear me out.  I’m usually not a fan of blonde hair; in this case, blonde hair that is drawn in a way that looks… odd.  I don’t know how much more to explain it than that, but with that being said…

#7 – Sailor Moon.  Same reason as with Venus, but what makes her stand out to me SLIGHTLY is her glutinous nature.  While watching a woman shovel gobs of food into her move like a black hole isn’t necessarily appealing to me, that characteristic does make her more of an amusing character than Venus, which being amusing helps.

#6 – Sailor Mercury.  To sum it up, her appealing strength is her incredible intelligence and her weakness is that, to me, she looks too much like Akane Tendo (the female protagonist of Ranma 1/2).

#5 – Sailor Uranus.  Originally, I was thinking about having Mercury and Uranus switched around, but this stands out to be the correct option for me.  The sole reason, which I’m sure that many of you will find to be ridiculous, is that my ex, the mother of my son, used to cosplay as Uranus and did a wonderful job doing so.  That’s it.

#4 – Sailor Jupiter.  I love her strong personality.  She can be tough as nails and is typically a stupendous example of the independent woman… except that she’s boy crazy.  Just about every male (or perceived male) somehow reminds her of a former boyfriend, which can be a disastrous quality in a woman.  Another strength of hers (granted, it’s a shallow one) is her bust.  For those of you who only watched the English dub, you might recall an episode where the girls are arguing over who will play Snow White for a play (BTW, Tuxedo Mask was going to be the Prince).  Each presented a reason why they should play Snow White, some good… some bad.  In English, Jupiter’s reason was that she had the most talent; since when?  Up to that point, the ONLY one to show any form of entertainment-related talent was Mars.  The reason is because the original Japanese gave her reason as being that she had the biggest bust… which I hadn’t noticed until I saw that.  She’s right, though.

#3 – Sailor Neptune.  I’m sure that some would assume that part of my reasoning is that she’s the pretty-half of the lesbian couple (with Uranus, for those of you who don’t know), and you’d be mildly correct.  While I don’t care one way or the other, I feel as though I can relate to Neptune, as I once crossplayed as her FOR my ex (and looked amazing while doing so).  Along with that, she’s by far the most graceful-princess-type of character, and she can play the violin, which is one of my favorite musical instruments in terms of romantic music performances.

Now we’re down to the final two…

An action scene of Sailor Pluto with her key staffSailor Mars standing tall with her fire logo in the background

Sailor Pluto and Sailor Mars.  In all honesty, I had a rather difficult time selecting which one stood out more.  Both have beautiful, long hair (one black, one green).  Both have amazingly powerful attacks (one time, one fire).  Both have interesting (and some would say contradictory) background characteristics (one is a priestess, one is a scientist).  However, I am giving the win to…

Sailor Pluto!

Why?  Because between the two (and technically all ten), Pluto is the only one that is a legal adult.  While the rest of them are 16 or below, Pluto is in her 20s (I believe 23).  Even though these are cartoon characters, that’s an important point to make, especially if you’re someone who’s… well, old enough to have a child of his own.

So what do you think?  Who’s your pick of the litter?  Leave a comment down below, and stay tuned for the next post!

All of the images are of the Sailor Moon franchise, which is currently licensed by Viz Media.


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