thə ə-ˈbau̇t ˈsek-shən

The Tale of This Digital Realm

We gather here for discussions about an art form in which we are passionate over.  Music lovers share their favorite songs and debate their favorite artists, so why not us?  I will provide various segments with the intent to strike up conversations, seeking to hear feedback, and (in some cases) be proven wrong.  Please join me in this pursuit of commonality and camaraderie.

The Lore of Our Headmaster

Born in the abysmal sewage pot ironically known as the Rose City, I thrived in a small village that rests along Rushing Waters that is littered with smiling simpletons and “herbalists” of various kinds.  In my childhood and teen years, there were moments in which I dabbled in the Japanese animation arts, but my explorations truly began immediately upon reaching adulthood.  I would regularly voyage to our local video rental store and trek to the distant land of Many Stores in One Giant Store.  Thirteen years ago, I joined a party of fellow otaku, those who knew of things that I had yet to experience: classic legends and new tales, festivals of the Land of the Rising Sun, and gatherings of thousands of cartoon-loving adventurers both near and far.