Some Examples of What SUCKS About the Anime Community

Ugh… I can’t believe it’s taken this long to write another entry…

So, this post is in response to a YouTube video made by Miss Misa, a British gal who’s one of us, and uses her platform to cover various topics, such as: mental health, feminism, and geeky things.  Recently, she made a video in which she addressed three aspects of the anime community that she doesn’t like (which she repeatedly clarified doesn’t apply to all of us), and to be honest, I agree with her.  I’ll include the video itself, in case you’d like to see it in its entirety, but I’m going to paraphrase her points and make my responses/additions.

The first point she makes is how hypocritical the women within the community can be when it comes to how they cosplay.  She brings up how the majority of con attendees tend to be shy single males (such as myself) and that many of us would like to hook up with a female nerd who we find to be attractive.  She uses a theoretical example of going to an 18+ convention (which I wish there was one around here) while cosplaying as a sexy Harley Quinn, which is LITERALLY DESIGNED TO CATCH OUR ATTENTION!!!  I mean, I don’t even like Harley, but even an average girl cosplaying as a sexy Harley will peak my interest.  If you don’t want to have “loser” guys talking to you, or even looking in your general direction, don’t cosplay as a sexy character, especially an iconic one designed to encouraged sexual intrigue.  That’s just common sense, and SHE AGREES.

I do agree that we guys should be mature about seeing attractive women at cons, but women shouldn’t become psychotic nutjobs (which does happen sometimes) when we’re being civil about our interactions or our harmless gazing.  THIS is why I have a hard time talking to women while at cons… well, one of them.  It’s also tough focusing on the hotter sex while also being a father on duty.  By the way, the idea that you can use cute little kids to hook up with women is BULL SHIT!!!

The second point relates to those with mental disabilities, in particular autism and Asperger’s.  Now, one of our community strengths is our openness to all sorts of people, including those with special needs; however, she points out two examples of how some with these needs will use them in an attempt to get away with things, including PEDOPHILIA.  I’m pretty open to accepting sexual preferences, lifestyles, and the like, but pedophilia isn’t one of them; yes, I’m referring to those that ACT upon their interests, not the ones who just like kids more than they should (that’s a topic for another place).

I personally am unaware of any such “disability-excuse” thing happening at my local cons (or I have forgotten about them), but I am aware of a few cases where someone was caught boinking teen girls.  I do know that in SOME cases, those with autism might have certain thoughts or do certain wrongs without realizing what they’re doing or why it’s not okay.  Heck, my son’s mother has an autistic brother who has expressed a sexual interest in a cartoon character who was underage (and a mermaid-thing); though to be fair, he has also told me that he likes Disney’s version of Ursula.  This doesn’t mean that he’ll do something wrong, but others like him might.

She also mentions that this community is heavily SJW-ish, which is an unfortunate truth.  Don’t get me wrong, accepting all sorts of those who walk different ways is, again, one of our strengths.  This same trait can have two negative impacts, which she mentions one of them; being accepting of those who have these conditions and are MULTIPLE OFFENDERS WHO SEEM TO BE HIDING BEHIND THEIR “CONDITIONS”!!!  I can believe that there will be the occasional disabled bloke to intentionally do wrong and use this to get away with it; some women do this, too.  The strong SJW element will still defend these people even after doing many wrong things, like fucking teen girls in exchange for free con attendance.

The third and final point is one that she didn’t cover that much on; she sees it as the least of the three, which I feel contrary to that, and that is: rabid fans getting butt-hurt because someone else doesn’t like your show.  She brings up how she’s gotten into arguments with people because she doesn’t like particular shows, or that said shows are over-rated, such as Sword Art Online and Naruto.  She’s even lost friends because of this.

Here’s my more-than-2-cents on the subject.  As for the shows she used to demonstrate her point, I’ve never seen SAO and I’m not really sure if I want to; Naruto is over-rated, and its fans will often treat it like a damn religion.  I’ve never LOST friends over this, but I’ve probably prevented myself from making new friends on account of saying such things.  The closest that I’ve ever experienced to this was telling a friend of my son’s mother (back when we were still an item) that I didn’t like Yu-Gi-Oh; we haven’t spoken since, and I don’t care, because I never really liked her.  I also feel this way about Pokemon; the show has a terrible plot, the characters are annoying at best, and the fans can make Westboro Baptist Church look tame and civil.  I’ve also experienced similar things with fans of: Digimon, Code Geass, Monster Ranger, Bleach, and some non-anime cartoons.  Some people need to lighten up when it comes to their fandoms.  I don’t get defensive when someone says they don’t like Ranma 1/2 (which has happened) or Slayers (which has also happened); I just shrug it off, because their hatred has no impact on my love.

Now, I’d like to bring up a couple more points about our community that I hate.

Relating to the first point Miss Misa brought up, this is something that doesn’t impact me DIRECTLY, but I have seen it affect those that I am friends with.  Women can be mean to each other when it comes to how other women look; this is, unfortunately, no different with geeks in cosplay.  I’ve personally comforted young women who were bullied because of some minor detail with their cosplay being “wrong” or they had the wrong body type.  No.  Fuck that shit.  This is one of those SJW points that I actually agree with; cosplay what you want and how you want, and ignore the haters.  The problem is that there are the haters to begin with.  We’re supposed to be geeks and nerds assembling together to build bridges and support one another, not to behave like the high school assholes that we all wanted to get away from in our youth.

The last thing was mentioned in the second point; this community is too SJW-ish.  Remember how I said that I’ve never lost friends in point 3?  Well, I have over this.  Recently, this country elected a true American, one who metaphorically says “Fuck globalism” and legitimately wants our economy to stop tanking.  I voted for him, knowing damn good and well that my state and the neighboring state where many of my friends live would pick the vagina-wielding criminal.  As such, many of them believe the false accusations that he is anti-gay & anti-trans and all of his supporters are racists, sexists, homophobes, and the other baseless hate labels that they give out freely.  I have lost friends because they couldn’t accept that these are meaningless lies or that his supporters want jobs, security, and our liberties & rights to be protected.  If you’re still with me at this point, thank you for not being one of these jerks; feel free to disagree with me, but don’t be one of these zombie sheeple who act on impulse.

What about our community do you find particularly annoying?  Or embarrassing?  Or morally corrupt?  Or… whatever?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


Sayonara, Cinco de Mayo! Hola, Kodomo no Hi!

May 5.

Here in the USA, we typically “celebrate” a Mexican holiday that we think is about independence and tequila.  I’m not going to explain what’s wrong about our perceptions of Cinco de Mayo, or anything dumb like that.  I’m not a social justice warrior with nothing better to do than complain about a non-issue.  That’s not what my site is about.

Instead, I wanted to share with you the beginning-level knowledge of a Japanese festival that occurs on this day, as well: Kodomo no Hi, which means Children’s Day.

Part of what is known as the Golden Week, Kodomo no Hi is a time of happiness, where we pay extra attention to what makes our children unique and to remind them of how important they are to us.  It was officially decreed as a national holiday in 1948, when the Japanese government decided to adopt the Gregorian calendar (the one we use).

Prior to 1948, Kodomo no Hi was called Tango no Sekku, which means Boy’s Day; it was alternatively known as the Feast of Banners.  Like the Gregorian system, Tango no Sekku was held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the previously-recognized lunar calendar.  Girls had their own day, which was Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day) and recognized on the third day of the third month.

One of the key traditions for this festival is the flying of koinobori, which are carp-shaped flags/kites.  There is a Magoi (father carp) which is first, followed by a Higoi (mother carp), then the children follow suit.  Why carp, you may ask?  This comes from an ancient Chinese legend that a carp who swims up a stream will become a dragon.

There is also the Kintaro doll, who rides a carp while wearing a kabuto (combat helmet).  The name Kintaro was the childhood name of an iconic samurai from the Heian period (794-1185) known as Minamoto no Kaikou.  It is said that in real life he rode a bear (instead of a traditional horse… or a carp).

Finally, my favorite part of any holiday or festival, the traditional foods.  (YUMMY!!!)  Kodomo no Hi traditionally has two different types of snacks, kashiwa-mochi and chimaki.  Kashiwa-mochi is a rice cake (typically filled with a red bean paste) and wrapped in an oak leaf (which is what a kashiwa is).  Chimaki is somewhat similar; instead of a mochi being wrapped in an oak leaf, this is a sweet rice paste wrapped in a bamboo leaf or an iris.

Well, I guess that’s good enough for now.  This info mostly comes from Wikipedia (mostly because I couldn’t remember most of these names).  Enjoy your day!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get a burrito.

In the beginning…

Anime high school students having a club meeting

From “The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura”
Licensed by Crunchyroll

Welcome to my blog!  Yeah… not very original, I know; give it time.  This is the starting point for a class project that I am working on.  I plan on changing how various things look, and to even include videos from time to time.

What to expect: As of now, I intend to have most posts focus on one of two things.  The first will be on the culture of being an anime fan, such as: what to expect at conventions, popular debating points, and news.  The second will be rating female characters from a show/franchise by their sex appeal; different shows will have different formats, based on how many characters there are to analyze and/or how I’m feeling.  There’s always room for additions and/or changes, but as of now, these are what I’m looking at.