Class Assignment: Highlighting a WordPress Feature

This post is for an assignment in which I get to share how to do SOMETHING on WordPress.  I have selected the different ways in which one could post videos.  This one is important to me, as one of the primary reasons I am wanting to learn about WordPress is so that I can have a place to post any and all of my YouTube videos without having their tyrannical bigots imposing their will on me.  Inserting videos into a post can also be a useful tool for those who are, or with to be, in the media industry.  As such, I have decided to have some fun with this by making it into a YouTube video.  Wanting to keep the theme of anime, I will be using some videos from an older channel of mine, one that I haven’t made a single post in since 2014.


The instructions are quite simple for this.  When you are creating a new post, there are various buttons and such to push just above the visual box in which I am typing right now.  Among them is an “Add Media” button; click on it, but make sure to do so AFTER you have placed the text guide thingy wherever you want the video to be.  You can either use something from your own inventory (either on your computer or already in your WP system) or by inserting it from another source.  They have tweets, YouTube, and any URL to choose from.  I’m not going to cover the tweets or URLs in this post; I don’t have a Twitter (nor do I want one), but I would imagine that it functions in the same manner.  The URL is sort of used in the YouTube examples I’ll be providing anyway, so there’s really no need to go into that.

Click on “Insert YouTube” on the left and you can choose from “all” or a specific user.  I would recommend the all option, because you can select individual videos or entire playlists, plus you are more likely to find what you want this way if you’re getting it from a small channel.  My older channel, linainversefan, only has seven videos and seven subscribers, which is why I believe that using that route results in nothing being found.  Once you’ve entered the title of the video, there will be multiple potential videos available to choose from; as such, it helps to have the EXACT title mentioned.  Select the one that you want (which the results will have both the video’s name and the channel’s name listed), or you can select multiple videos, then click on the green “Insert” button.  You will see a video box, which is where your readers will see the file you want to share.  There will also be a little gray box floating above the video, giving you the option to either edit (which is the pencil) the video or completely remove it (obviously the X).


The other option is to simply copy and paste.  Go to the specific YouTube video that you want to use.  From here, you can highlight the URL and “Ctrl C” that thing to copy it down.  I would like to apologize to Mac users, as I don’t recall what the button combo is for copy; you should know it, though… I hope.  Alternatively, you can select the “Share” feature below the video and copy the link they provide, too.  Return to the post you’re working on, move your text guide thingy to wherever you want the video, and “Ctrl V” to paste.  Rather than seeing an URL, you will immediately see the video box, like this.

Just like with the first example, there will also be a gray box that can give you the option to edit your addition.

As far as I’ve been able to find, these are the only two options for posting videos onto a WordPress post.  There was a third one that I’ve done before; in fact, it’s how I posted the video in my Cosplay Experience article.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall how I did it, nor have I been able to find a reference from previous class discussions.  I’ve tried to mimic it the best I could, but nothing has been working for me.  If any of you reading this are familiar with another approach, please feel free to share in the comment section.  I would also like to point out that I will be including a guide that is also required for my class here soon.  It will be a YouTube video, because why not.  Don’t forget to select any categories you want and to include tags.  You want your post to be seen, right?

Here’s the video!