In the beginning…

Anime high school students having a club meeting

From “The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura”
Licensed by Crunchyroll

Welcome to my blog!  Yeah… not very original, I know; give it time.  This is the starting point for a class project that I am working on.  I plan on changing how various things look, and to even include videos from time to time.

What to expect: As of now, I intend to have most posts focus on one of two things.  The first will be on the culture of being an anime fan, such as: what to expect at conventions, popular debating points, and news.  The second will be rating female characters from a show/franchise by their sex appeal; different shows will have different formats, based on how many characters there are to analyze and/or how I’m feeling.  There’s always room for additions and/or changes, but as of now, these are what I’m looking at.