A great read about Otaku-dom and its portrayal in anime – OWLS: Amamizukan, The Sanctuary in Princess Jellyfish

Source: OWLS: Amamizukan, The Sanctuary in Princess Jellyfish


The cosplay experience, based off of Kumoricon 2016

Looking back at the budgeting post that I did recently, you will notice that the convention I mentioned was Kumoricon, a convention based in Portland, OR; this is because that is my local convention.  I have been part of the KCon family since 2006, staffing every single year except for 2016.  I rather spent the year as a regular attendee, mostly because I felt burnt out from so much work (as well as being sick of the internal politics).

Among the typical exploring of the dealer’s hall and attending panels, something special that I did was compile a series of interviews with different cosplayers.  I tried to get a wide variety of cosplay types: home made or store bought, anime or video game or American cartoon, legit characters and OCs (original characters), and so on.  While not EVERYTHING within the video I made is an interview, that is what the majority is.  I wanted to open up the subject, mostly to do what I can to encourage those that are questioning whether or not they want to explore it, or for those that may have had some sort of negative experience.  In summary, I believe that cosplay is one of many merits to being a geek, whether it be an otaku or some other form, and conventions should be a haven for us to come together and enjoy ourselves as ourselves… through fictional characters.  XD  Anyway, here’s the video.  ENJOY!!!